Omushkego Ishkotayo

- 2002 -

Location: James Bay Coast, Ontario

Client: Five Nations Energy Inc.

Transmission Line Voltage: 115kV

Transmission Line Length: 270km

Structure Type: Wood Pole Wishbone

# of Structures: 1488

Construction Schedule: 7 days/week

Average % of labour force made up of First Nations workers: 60

Project max % of labour force made up of First Nations workers: 85

# of Anchors installed: 4,978

Wood Poles used: 2,376

100%: Portion of Transmission Line built across Muskeg

100%: Portion of construction performed in winter

Multiple Major River Crossings:

  • Moose River
  • Albany River (x 4)
  • Attawapiskat River (x4)

Limited Access: a winter road was constructed along the entire length of the line for workers to access the site with trucks and equipment. Workers and equipment also traveled via rail and barge

Substations Built: 4

  • Attawapiskat
  • Kashechewan
  • Moosonee
  • Fort Albany

Five Nations Energy Inc. was incorporated in 1997. It was formed to respond to the need for more electrical capacity in several remote First Nations communities, and to eliminate their reliance on diesel generation. PowerTel constructed 270km of 115kV transmission line from Moosonee to Attawapiskat, connecting Kashechewan, Fort Albany, and Attawapiskat to the provincial grid. In addition to erecting the line, PowerTel constructed stations at each of the four communities. Access was very challenging. PowerTel shipped equipment and materials via rail, barge, and winter road. The line currently services all four communities. It now also supports the DeBeers Victor Mine site 100km west of Attawapiskat, energizing the substation there, which was installed by PowerTel in 2006.