Indigenous Projects

PowerTel has provided services to almost every First Nation community in Ontario. This privilege has produced innumerable opportunities and friendships.

Map of PowerTel projects located in or involving Ontario First Nations:

PowerTel’s existence has been greatly enhanced by the strong relationships we have developed among the First Nations. Transmission construction can span hundreds of kilometers in a single project. Every transmission development that occurs in Canada has an impact on multiple First Nation communities. PowerTel has always acknowledged that we can achieve the goal of any development as we meet the needs and expectations of the First Nations communities involved.

Before legislation invoked a duty to consult, PowerTel not only consulted with the First Nations, but sought to arrange the full participation of nearby communities in PowerTel projects. PowerTel began building entire electric distribution systems for remote communities shortly after we were created in 1968. Our work can still be found in those communities. Later efforts have resulted in removing several diesel dependent communities from a reliance on diesel generation.

On virtually every project undertaken, PowerTel utilizes the skills and services offered by the local First Nation communities, whether it is a project requirement or not.

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