McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm

- 2014 -

Location: Little Current, Ontario

Client: H.B. White Canada Corporation

Transmission Line Voltage: 115kV

Transmission Line Length: 10km

Structure Type: Single wood pole, post insulator with steel pole deadends

# of Structures: N/A

Substation Location:

  • Lat: 45.935436°
  • Long: -81.986492°

Wind Generation Capacity: 35MW

Services provided:

  • Right-Of-Way Clearing
  • Material Procurement
  • Transmission Line Construction
  • Right-Of-Way Restoration

Narrow Right-of-Way: Many of the structures are designed to minimize the width of the Right-of-Way along an easment on the side of a busy road. This design limits the encroachment of the transmission line into the private property along the road.

Manitoulin Island: The largest freshwater island in the world. The entire project is situated on the island

First Nations Ownership: Northland Power partnered with Mnidoo Mnising Power, a corporation formed by the United Chiefs and Councils of Mnidoo Mnising (UCCMM).

Channel Crossing

Because there is insufficient capacity on the transmission infrastructure located on Manitoulin Island for this project, the energy must be brought off the island. The transmission line carries the power generated to the edge of the island, where it is fed through a submarine cable laid on the bottom of the North Channel. The cable comes up onto Goat Island, allowing the Project to connect to the provincial grid.