Detour Lake Gold Mine

- 2013 -

Location: 145km NE of Cochrane, Ontario

Client: Detour Gold Corporation, Peter Kiewit Sons Co.

Transmission Line Voltage: 230kV

Transmission Line Length: 185km

Structure Type: Wood Pole H-Frame

# of Structures: 1024

Mine Site Power Requirements: 95MW (Peak Load)

Construction Schedule: 7 days/week

# of workers managed by PowerTel on site: 199

# of Anchors installed: 3,409

Wood Poles used: 2141

75%: Portion of Transmission Line built across Muskeg

95%: Portion of construction performed in winter

January 23, 2011: The coldest day on the job

  • -43.3°C(-45.94 °F) before wind chill

Limited Access: a winter road was constructed along the entire length of the line for workers to access the site with trucks and equipment.

Number of different remote camp sites housing workers: 5

Workers also stayed in Cochrane, Smooth Rock Falls and Kapuskasing over the course of the project

Temporary Station:

The Detour Lake Transmission Line is designed to operate at 230kV. This provides more than 85MW of power required by full mine operations.

Due to the tight schedule Detour Gold was following, power was needed to the mine for the first year of site construction. In order to provide construction power in a timely manner, PowerTel built a temporary switching station.

After the first 140km of line was built in 2011, the line was put into service at 115kV. This delivered 20MW of much-needed construction power to the mine site until the remaining 45km of line could be completed.

The second section of line was completed in 2012. After transferring the first section of line from the temporary substation to the second section of line, the entire length was connected and energized at 230kV on July 19, 2012.