Cochrane Solar Substations

- Under Construction -

Location: Cochrane, Ontario

Client: Ganotec

Transmission Line Voltage:

Transmission Line Length: N/A

Structure Type: N/A

# of Structures: N/A

Collector Stations:

  • Abitibi Collector Station
  • Martin’s Meadows Collector Station
  • Empire Collector Station

Services Provided:

  • Excavate and install conduits
  • Install fencing
  • Install cabling between equipment and E-house
  • Perform point to point wire verifications and megger interconnecting cables
  • Provide ESA Certificate of Inspection
  • Testing & Pre-commissioning
  • Installation of equipment at each site, including:
  • Pad Mount Station Service Transformer
  • 35kV Pad Mount Switchgear
  • Steel Poles
  • Substation Yard Lighting

Long Lake Substation:

Services Provided:

  • Assembly and erection of all substation steel support structures
  • Excavation for and installation of subgrade conduits and pre-cast cable trench
  • Installation of equipment including:
  • 138kV Motorized Disconnect Switch
  • 145kV Circuit Breaker
  • 3 CVT’s
  • 3 Primary Surge Arresters
  • 38kV Motorized 1200A Switch
  • 35kV PT (6)
  • 35kV CT (3)
  • Revenue Metering Transformers
  • 38kV SF6 Circuit Breaker
  • 24.4kV MCOV Surge Arresters
  • 35kV Pad Mount Switchgear
  • 38kV 300KVA Station Service Transformer
  • Substation Lighting
  • Installation of all overhead bus and fittings
  • Installation of all above grade bonding for fence, structures and equipment
  • Installation of substation cabling, fittings, tags
  • Perform commissioning tests
  • Perform megger tests and point to point wiring verifications for interconnecting cabling in the yard
  • Provide an ESA Certificate of Inspection

138KV Switching Station and Cochrane Substation:

  • Services performed to allow for full commissioning and energization of each station