South Kent Wind Farm

- 2014 -

Location: Chatham, Ontario

Client: RES Americas Inc.

Transmission Line Voltage: 230kV

Transmission Line Length: 35km

Structure Type: Tubular steel tower

# of Structures: N/A

Wind Generation Capacity: 270MW

Services provided:

  • Right-Of-Way Clearing
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction of Transmission Line
  • Right-Of-Way Restoration

Foundations: Design called for either direct embedment of steel pole or a 30’ deep steel reinforced foundation.

401 Crossing: PowerTel built transition structures on either side of Highway 401, to facilitate the high voltage underground cable installed to cross the highway.

Infrastructure Crossing: The project contains multiple major road, rail, and powerline crossings.

Right-of-Way: Line is built along an old railroad right-of-way. This reduces the impact of the line on nearby private property and the environment.

Other Challenges:

  • Municipal Ditches up to 15’ deep
  • Hard wind
  • Intense storms