New Gold Rainy River Gold Mine

- 2016 -

Location: Barwick, Ontario

Client: AMEC / New Gold

Transmission Line Voltage: 230kV

Transmission Line Length: 16.7km

Structure Type: Tubular Steel Tower

# of Structures: N/A

Project Connected: New gold mine

Infrastructure Crossing: The project crosses Transcanada Highway 71

Right-of-Way: Steep terrain adjacent to private property and environmentally sensitive areas

Services provided:

  • Right of Way Access Investigations & Mapping
  • Right of Way Clearing
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Prosperity in a low gold price world: With gold prices in a slump through 2016, this project still managed to find funding. Costs needed to be minimized and the project needed to be executed precisely to ensure a successful connection, a critical component of a successful new gold mine.