Goshen Wind Farm

- 2014 -

Location: Bluewater & South Huron, Ontario

Client: Borea Construction

Transmission Line Voltage: 115kV

Transmission Line Length: 23.6km

Structure Type: Tubular steel tower

# of Structures: 149

Wind Generation Capacity: 102MW

Nextera 6-pack: This project is part of the Nextera 6-pack, a cluster of large windfarms in Southern Ontario.

Services provided:

  • Procurement
  • Construction of Transmission Line
  • Right-Of-Way Restoration

Large Conductor: Multiple challenges associated with massive conductor included bigger reels, heavier weights, and huge grips to hold it.

Infrastructure Crossing: The project contains multiple major road and powerline crossings.

Right-of-Way: Line is built along municipal roads. Major issues included extensive traffic control and proximity to private property.

Very Tight Schedule: PowerTel was secured late in the project timeline, requiring 7 days/week of operations and extra men and equipment to complete the project.

Other Challenges:

  • Municipal Ditches up to 15’ deep
  • Hard wind
  • Intense storms