Dufferin Wind Farm

- 2014 -

Location: Reddickville, Shelburne, and Orangeville, Ontario

Client: Dufferin Wind Power Inc.

Transmission Line Voltage: 230kV

Transmission Line Length: 47km (45km overhead, 5km underground)

Structure Type: Single wood pole, post insulator construction with steel pole deadends

# of Structures: N/A

Wind Generation Capacity: 91.4MW

Services provided:

  • Right-Of-Way Clearing
  • Material Procurement
  • Transmission Line Construction
  • 230kV Underground Installation
  • Transition Station Construction
  • Testing & Commissioning Assistance
  • Right-Of-Way Restoration

Narrow Right-of-Way: Many of the structures are designed to minimize the width of the Right-of-Way along a former CN railbed. This design limits the encroachment of the transmission line into the private property along the rail corridor.

Sensitive Terrain: This project brought PowerTel crews back to the south of the province, in the middle of farm country. It was important for workers to be constantly aware of the sensitivity of the area. Not only is it necessary to respect the integrity of the ground that both owner and neighbouring farmers use to plant and harvest their crops, but several species of protected animals and plants call the environment along the Right-Of-Way their home. Each employee was given environmental awareness training, and provided with a reference guide containing images of protected species and steps to take when they are encountered.

PowerTel’s fleet of Powertraxx offroad equipment was critical in ensuring minimal impact on any property. The low ground pressure nature of rubber-tracked vehicles drastically reduces damage to the ground on which it travels.